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6月 June 2020

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To order tel: 077577 69693
Minimum order £15 / Cash or Card payment

Lunch delivery times お昼の配達:

10:00 - 11:00 (Stockley Park)

11:00 - 12:00 (Ealing / Acton)

Evening delivery times 夕方の配達:

18:00 - 19:00 (Ealing / Acton)

特注 メニュー Regular Menu

All bentos include 3 side dishes, an egg dish, pickled vegetable and choice of white rice or millet rice


Deep fried chicken bento

Deep fried prawn bento*

Japanese burger bento
£6.50 (£5.00^)

£6.50 (£5.00^)

£6.50 (£5.00^)



Grilled mackerel bento

Miso marinated salmon bento

Pork cutlet bento

Grilled eel bento
£6.50 (£5.00^)

£6.50 (£5.00^)

£6.50 (£5.00^)


^単品 Main dish only without rice and sides

日替わり弁当 Bento of the Day £6.50

All Bentos of the Day include 3 side dishes, an egg dish, pickled vegetable and choice of white rice or millet rice

(単品 Main dish only without rice and sides £5.00)

1 Mon

2 Tue

3 Wed

4 Thu

5 Fri
鳥肉八宝菜                 Chicken and vegetable stir fry

メンチカツ                 Deep fried beef burger

鱈の味噌漬け焼き       Miso marinated cod

鳥肉のきじ焼き           Marinated kijiyaki chicken

ツナと葱の包み揚げ    Deep fried tuna and onion wrap
15 Mon

16 Tue

17 Wed

18 Thu

19 Fri
白身魚と野菜の甘酢あん       Sweet and sour white fish and vegetable

鮭と野菜のホイル焼き           Foil wrapped salmon and vegetable

すずきの塩焼き                      Grilled seabass

豚肉生姜焼き                         Gingered pork

ポークソテー胡麻だれ            Pork with sesame sauce
8 Mon

9 Tue

10 Wed

11 Thu

12 Fri
豚肉中華風ステーキ      Chinese style pork steak

おにかますの生姜煮      Ginger stewed king fish

鳥肉マスタード焼き      Grilled mustard chicken

鯖の醤油焼き                 Soy grilled mackerel

煮込みハンバーグ          Stewed meat burger
22 Mon

23 Tue

24 Wed

25 Thu

26 Fri
中華風ハンバーグ煮込み        Chinese style stewed pork burger

鮭の塩焼き                             Grilled salmon

白身魚のレモンホイル蒸し    Foiled wrapped white fish and lemon

鳥肉ソテー胡麻だれ               Chicken with sesame sauce

ポークソテーオニオンソース  Sauteed pork with onion sauce

Allergy advice:

No dishes contain tree nuts, peanuts, milk, crab, lobster and lupin, however all food is prepared in a kitchen with tree nuts, peanuts,
milk, crab, lobster and lupin. All dishes contain molluscs, mustard, fish, celery, egg, gluten cereals, sesame and
soy beans. *Contains prawn. Contact for further details.

No vegan, vegetarian or pescatarian option is available. All bentos contain meat.

All dishes are served cold and should be consumed on the day of purchase.

当日のご注文は数に限りがあります。ご注文は 07:00 から受け賜ります。

Same day orders are subject to availability. Ordering line is open from 07:00
Chopsticks are NOT included in any of our lunches. If you require chopsticks, please mention when ordering.
Please note, menu may change slightly due to supply

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