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2 Feb 2019

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特注 メニュー Regular Menu

(all Day Bento Boxes include 3 extra side dishes, an egg dish, salad, pickled vegetable and choice of white rice or millet rice)



Deep fried chicken bento

Deep fried prawn bento

Japanese beef burger bento

Miso marinated salmon bento
6.50 (5.50*)



6.50 (5.50*)


Grilled mackerel bento


Grilled eel bento
6.50 (5.50*)



*子供サイズChildren's size bento

日替わり弁当 Bento of the Day 6.50 (5.50*)


(all Bentos of the Day include 3 extra side dishes, an egg dish, salad, pickled vegetable and choice of white rice or millet rice)

  4 Mon

  5 Tue

  6 Wed

  7 Thu

  8 Fri
サーモンの黒胡椒レモン焼き      Grilled black pepper lemon salmon

豚 の角煮                                      Braised pork belly

白身魚のパセリソース                 White fish with parsley sauce

チ キンカツ                                   Chicken cutlet

金目鯛の煮付け                            Stewed red bream
  18 Mon

  19 Tue

  20 Wed

  21 Thu

  22 Fri
鱈のマリネソース                   Cod with vegetable sauce

ハンバーグベーコン巻焼き     Bacon wrapped beef burger

鯖 の味噌煮                              Miso stewed mackerel

豆 腐の袋煮                               Stewed tofu

ハンバーグ茸ソース                 Beef burger with mushroom sauce
  11 Mon

  12 Tue

  13 Wed

  14 Thu

  15 Fri
い かと大根の煮付け                     Stewed squid and mooli

揚げ豚の醤油煮                             Stewed deep fried pork

ミートボールトマトソース            Meatballs in tomato sauce

鳥 肉の照り焼き                             Teriyaki chicken

白身魚の薬味ソース                      White fish with tangy vegetable sauce
  25 Mon

  26 Tue

  27 Wed

  28 Thu

  1 Fri

鱈の味噌付け焼き                  Miso marinated cod
海 鮮八宝菜                             Seafood stir fry

鳥肉韓国風                              Korean style chicken

白身魚のベーコン巻焼き        Bacon wrapped white fish

豚 カツ                                     Pork cutlet

*子供サイズChildren's size bento

Allergy advice:

No dishes contain nuts, however all food is prepared in a kitchen with nuts.  All dishes contain egg, wheat and soya. Contact for further details.


Same day orders are accepted until 13:00, depending on availability.
Chopsticks are NOT included in any of our lunches. If you require chopsticks, please mention when ordering.
Please note, menu may change slightly due to supply

All dishes are served cold and should be consumed on the day of purchase.

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